Inquiry Guided Learning Projects for the Development of Critical Thinking in the College Classroom: a pilot study

Danielle C Bentley


This paper describes the inaugural success of implementing Inquiry Guided Learning projects in a college-level human anatomy and physiology course. In this context, scientific inquiry was used as a means of developing skills required for critical thinking amoung students. The projects were designed using the Information Search Process (Kuhlthau, 1991) as a framework with emphasis placed on three of the six stages: question selection, scientific research, and presentation of results. The projects were quantitatively assessed using self-reported confidence ratings from a 10-point Likert scale. The projects were also qualitatively assessed using informal student feedback focusing on student suggestions for project improvement. Moving forward, the Inquiry Guided Learning projects will continue to be a formal course component, with the next stage of implementation to include a thorough assessment of student learning outcomes.

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