14. Participatory Pedagogy: A Compass for Transformative Learning?

Nicola Simmons, Michelle Barnard, Wendy Fennema


In the Fall 2009 term, we participated as students and instructor in a graduate education course modeled after participatory pedagogy. Siemens (2008) defines this approach as “one that does not fully define all curricular needs in advance of interacting with learners...Multiple perspectives, opinions, and active creation on the part of learners all contribute to the final context of the learner experience.” Since completing this course, we have continued our collaborative travel reflecting on our course experiences and how this learning has affected us beyond the course boundaries. In this synthesis of our journey we invite readers to join us in understanding the impact of this pedagogical approach and its transformative possibilities.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22329/celt.v4i0.3278

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